Pink and Pretty Baby Shower Theme for girls

A new Baby Shower Theme for girls: Pink and Pretty

Pink and Pretty Baby Shower ThemeTired of thinking what theme your upcoming baby shower should be?

Want to plan a fabulous baby shower but you’re out of ideas?

Well, here’s something for you. It’s the Ultimate Go-to Baby Shower theme

in the history of planning baby showers for little girls: The Pink and Pretty baby shower theme.

Pink is the universal color for femininity, and it’s a cheerful yet elegant color. You could choose one hue (like pastel pink) or go for a jazzed-up mix of different pink shades: cherry blossom pink, carnation, rose, old rose, hot magenta, coral, and all sorts of pinks. No matter what kind of pink you choose, you can’t go wrong. It’s always going to turn out lovely and suitable for the little baby girls’ shower.

       I. The Decorations

 Baby shower sites everywhere are awash with decorations in all kinds of pink colors and designs. To trim down your choices a little, we have compiled here some decors and accents that you could choose for your party.


  1. Hanging decorations

 pompomsPom-pomsand fluffy dahlia-like tissue flowers liven up any party

Hang some pretty pompoms all over the place, focusing more on one focal area such as your center table.








   Paper lanterns 




 You could also go for this complete pink party decoration kit which includes pompoms, rosette fans, honeycomb balls, streamers and balloons 









 2. The Center Table

It is located right smack in the middle of your baby shower venue, so better make it very, very pretty. The items below would assure you of a gorgeous center table.

garlandsGarlands  will provide a pretty backdrop for the banquet table. For something personalized, you could also make your own photo garlands.









 Attach some trimmings


 Pink diaper cake centerpieces  

come in every possible charming designs


3. Accents

 pinkflowerPink flowers  whether artificial or real, placed in pretty baskets would liven up the place. Other little objects such as pink diaper pins, pink marbles, and pink candies and lollipops could also be scattered on top of the tables for added design.







      II.  The Food

There’s too many pink food to choose from, and you do not even have to limit yourself to strawberry-based food! Check out for 10 pink party food and drinks ideas  here 

If you’re baking cupcakes, be sure to arrange them in pretty pink wrappers.


      III. Party Favors

 Pink baby shower party favors are definitely not hard to find, like this pretty    



Gerbera Daisy favor box  You can fill it with pink candies or pink mints, or little personalized pink m&m chocolates 







 pinknotepadYou can also give something both cute and practical like this pink notepad (or opt for a sparkly pink nail polish with matching pink nail file to give to each guest.








Added tip: tell your guests to wrap all their gifts in different shades of pink. Not only will their gifts blend with the overall theme, it would also make the gift table so much more elegant.


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